Hearing Other Voices

A Springboard for Social Change

Hearing Other Voices provides key information to policymakers and scholars by asking human rights based questions to women world wide. Its an ever expanding collection that will be instrumental in aiding new research and developing future policy and action.

There are many organizations whose main goal is to relate women’s stories. Though appropriate to the cause they do not offer the freedom of expression without analysis. Where else can you gather primary sources about women’s lives?

I am working to remove the lens that often clouds or distorts; making their stories not their own. There are many creative ways organizations are helping us hear women’s views and as wonderful as projects like this are, there needs to be a place where the voices of women from all cultures can be heard in a moment. By using questions that have been designed to be open and impartial and giving women the option to conduct their own interviews, I am working to give voice to those who are most often kept silent.  

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